Sunday 15 July 2018

Liar, Liar...

...Pants on Fire!

Who am I kidding? It’s blatantly obvious I won’t get the rest of 2016 stats posted let alone 2017.  So, here’s the deal. I have just completed tables and charts for a 2017 Sales Summary Post - that will go up today. Then, I’m moving right into 2018 stats...praise the Lord.

I’m warning you now those 2018 stats posts cover January to June and will be massive because I have been very creative with my tables and charts. I have gone all out because these could be my last postings. The ultimate goal is to finish the year and call it quits, regardless.

I have been dealing with cancer since the fall of 2005. By May 2014, it had morphed into Stage 4 - spread to multiple areas - chemo got that under control. Last summer it spread to the brain and radiation dealt successfully with that. Then in April, I learned that one of my drugs had affected my heart and that had to be regulated before I could resume treatment. So, if the cancer doesn’t kill me my heart might. Man, I am getting tired of all this shit.

So, actually, these stats have been a welcome distraction and I’m sure have kept the brain functioning more or less normally after the radiation - I got down right stupid there last fall. Now, I’m working on my bucket list and leading is a cross-Canada “Farewell Tour” starting in the east and working my way back west. I was thinking when I’m back on the Sunshine Coast I will send out an invite and we could all meet for a coffee at Wheatberries in Sechelt. We’ll see how brave I’m feeling when I get off the ferry.

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