Monday 10 July 2017

SC - 2016 Stats Post #8

Sunshine Coast BC 2016 Single Detached Home Sales

This post is one of a final few 2016 stats posts still to come and they’ll all zero in on single detached sales. It is important to keep in mind that I present SDH sales based on three data sources and they each report home sales differently:

  • REBGV: combines all price range SDH sales + MOP sales.
  • SC Realtor® Gary Little: combines all price range SDH sales; reports MOP sales separately.
  • Skook: combines SDH sales < $1 million dollars + MOP sales; reports $1 million dollar sales separately.

Monday 3 July 2017

SC - 2016 Stats Post #7

Sunshine Coast BC January - December 2016 Real Estate Sales - All Types

(July 4: Post updated. I've added 'Residential Sales by Area.)

Aw, the merry, merry month of May...2016. Buyers were suffering from either FOMO or a collective brain fart or maybe both. I wrote back on Oct 31st (Stats Post #4) in addition to peak sales it was the month of peak stupidity.

Sunday 2 July 2017

SC - 2016 Stats Post #6

Sunshine Coast BC January - December 2016 ‘$1mill+’ Single Detached Property Sales

I strongly recommend you take a quick look at my early 2016 Stats post - click on ‘SC - 2016 Sales Stats’ in the Labels column to the left. Stats Post #2 is especially important to read regarding a Bloomberg article that appeared March 3, 2016 and was reprinted the next day in the Vancouver Sun. The piece is about retired Vancouver lawyer Jonathan Baker who sold out in Vancouver and  moved to the Sunshine Coast - “pocketing millions” in the process. You want to keep the date of that article in the forefront of your mind as you look at these ‘$1mill plus’ single detached home sales and all other 2016 stats I will post in the days ahead.

SC - 2016 Stats Post #5

Sunshine Coast BC January - December 2016 Lot Sales

2016 was a great year for land sales on the Sunshine Coast. The 386 sales were a 140% increase over 2015’s sales and over 540% on 2013. And, the 2016 sales is a new record high besting the 380 sales set back in 2004 - a peak year in last real estate boom. Actually, many if not most of the lots under an acre that sold in 2016 were purchased as investment properties back at the height of the last boom. Yep, they were stuck holding those lots for a decade or more and, if lucky, may have recouped their purchase price with the 2016 sale.

Saturday 1 July 2017

Happy Canada Day!

Property: 678 Fairmont Road, Gibsons BC. R2177765
Listed: Jun 15, 2017
Listing Price: $825,000
Price Drop: $807,000 (June 30)
Days on Market: 17 (July 1)