Monday 22 May 2017

Powell River Intro

I had to set aside blog posting last fall due to life’s trials and tribulations. Last month, I started working on the Sunshine Coast’s 2016 tables and charts in an attempt to catch up. As I looked at the SC data and combining it with what I had been reading in the local news, I really began to wonder what had happened or was happening up in Powell River? So, I set aside the SC stats, again, and began a hunt for PR data.

Guess who...?

I'm back. I went for a long walk and fell of the face of the earth and it was a challenge clawing my way back.

Seriously though, life intervened and I had to set aside the stats for much longer than I had hoped. I continued to collect the data, but didn't have time to process it. I'm been working on the latter for the last few weeks and will begin posting shortly.