Wednesday 28 September 2016

BI - 2016 Stats Post #1

Bowen Island Jan-Aug 2016 Sales Stats

At last, the 2016 sales stats; but, before I get to the numbers, I would like to say a few words about my data source. I've only found one realty firm that posts month-to-month sales stats for Bowen Island – Macdonald Realty. You can find those stats for BI and for all board areas posted to MR’s blog. They also post stats for Whistler, Squamish, Greater Victoria and the Okanagan.

MR began posting Bowen Island sales stats as a downloadable .pdf file back in Feb 2015. These ‘Market Hot Sheets’ gave the number of sales, the median sales price, average days on market and number of active listings for the current month, preceding month and year-over-year. As well, they illustrated the market status: sellers, balanced or buyers.

Monday 26 September 2016

Skook's Chatter #1

I hate Blogger. I used it twice before about ten years ago before Google took it over. The text editor was shit to use back then and it’s still shit to use today. You would think that Google with its bazillion, gazillion dollars could have spent a few sous to develop something that functioned half decently. I tell you if this wonky piece of garbage is the best that Google can offer then there is no damn way I'll ever get into one of their driverless cars. Are you reading this Google!!

BI - 2015 Sales Summary

Bowen Island 2015 Sales Summary

For the second year, Bowen Island mother and son Realtors® Dee and Frazer Elliott have released a year-end sales summary. It was posted to their Facebook page back in January. The images below were taken from that summary with the chart on the left showing 2015 home and lot sales month-to-month and the chart on the right showing total sales year-to-year going back to 2007.

Friday 23 September 2016

BI - 2015 Dec Sales Stats

(This post completes the 2015 Bowen Island stats posted over at If you want to refresh your memory, those earlier stats are found here.)

Bowen Island Dec 2015 Sales Stats

Bowen Island ended 2015 with 5 single detached home sales in December – the highest level year-over-year seen in 6 years and 1 better than December 2014.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

1st Post - Welcome!

Here we go...we’re now live. For those familiar with my efforts at, it’s great to see you again. For those new to my attempts to understand the “whys” in real estate, I hope you’ll find the posts here interesting and informative.
Now, the big news is that another coaster is joining me here on the blog. Welcome aboard, Bolshewik Artizan! ‘Bolshie’ is obviously another “pinko” like me. He’ll be popping in whenever the mood strikes him to inform, enlighten or instigate – he’s welcome to cover it all as long as it dazzles...and doesn’t shut us down. And, if you post intelligent, enlightening comments, I just might invite you on board as well.