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My first Sunshine Coast real estate stat was posted back on March 11, 2013 in a forum called I discovered VanPeak through its sister site, Vancouver Condo Info.  At that time, posters to VCI where trying to understand Van’s rising real estate prices via some serious research and statistics and the VanPeak forum had been created to hold that statistical data. Its administrator generously made room for my Sunshine Coast sales stats (and Vancouver Island sales data, too).

Unfortunately this past January (2016), a software update to VanPeak wreaked havoc to the forum's back end making it impossible to format posts. So, I’ve set up this new stats site using Blogger which has some pluses and lots of minuses, but it's free so we'll all have to live with it

I'll not be transferring my VanPeak posts so if you want to save any of that data you need to go there and grab it. At this time, I have no idea if admin will keep the forum up or shut it down. He says up, but you never know.

Image Tip:

I have turned Blogger's lightbox feature off because it reduces the image's viewing size.I'm going to try displaying images in their original file size whenever possible; however, there may be occasions when I have to post the image smaller and I recommend then that you right click on the image and choose "open in a new tab" so that you can move back and forth between text and image; otherwise, if you click on the image to enlarge it, you will then have to click the back arrow to return to the text.

(I've just checked at Statistics Canada and the agency will begin releasing the 2016 Census data starting February 8, 2017 - that's the day we'll get population and dwelling counts. You'll find all Stats Canada data release dates here.)