Monday 3 October 2016

SC – Dec 2015 Stat Post #2

Sunshine Coast Dec 2015 Lot Sales

There were 15 bare land sales in December bringing the year’s total to 147 – the best showing since 2007. The year ended up an impressive +116% over the year before and +172% compared to 2013. The majority of sales took place within the Gibsons market area and 44 of its 54 lot sales were under an acre with many of those being bought by commercial home builders in anticipation home sales in that area would continue to rip into 2016 – they were right.

The District of Sechelt despite it being the larger urban area was second fiddle to Gibsons with a total of 35 lot sales followed by Pender Harbour (most sales being larger acreages since land is cheap up there), Roberts Creek (land expensive) and Halfmoon Bay (land more expensive especially its waterfront lots).

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