Monday 22 May 2017

Guess who...?

I'm back. I went for a long walk and fell of the face of the earth and it was a challenge clawing my way back.

Seriously though, life intervened and I had to set aside the stats for much longer than I had hoped. I continued to collect the data, but didn't have time to process it. I'm been working on the latter for the last few weeks and will begin posting shortly.

For the Sunshine Coast, I'll post a complete set of stats covering all of 2016; and, I'll post year-end summary tables and charts.

For Bowen Island, I'll continue where I left off (Sept 2016) to complete the year.

And, I'll be posting 2016 stats for Powell River. The addition of "PR" is now reflected in the blog title.

Once I have 2016 out of the way, I'll begin posting 2017 stats; hopefully, it won't be long until I'm up-to-date. From that point onwards, I think I'll post stats in two month increments - we'll see.

I have also been preparing population and demographic tables and charts for all three areas. Statistics Canada released this data from the 2016 Census at the beginning of this month and it is very, very interesting.


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