Monday 22 May 2017

Powell River Intro

I had to set aside blog posting last fall due to life’s trials and tribulations. Last month, I started working on the Sunshine Coast’s 2016 tables and charts in an attempt to catch up. As I looked at the SC data and combining it with what I had been reading in the local news, I really began to wonder what had happened or was happening up in Powell River? So, I set aside the SC stats, again, and began a hunt for PR data.

I discovered there is only one “official” source for Powell River (City and District) real estate sales data and that is the BCREA (British Columbia Real Estate Association) which represents the province’s 11 real estate boards. Ten of the member boards have websites - the only one who doesn’t is the Powell River Sunshine Coast Real Estate Board. Ten of the member boards have offices - the only one who doesn’t is the Powell River Sunshine Coast Real Estate Board. Eight of those members produce their own board real estate sales statistics for the public - the three who do not are the Kamloops & District Real Estate Association (KADREA), the Kootenay Real Estate Board (KREB) and, you guessed it, the Powell River Sunshine Coast Real Estate Board (PRSCREB).

So, the BCREA is the go to source for KADREA, KREB, and PRSCREB and you can’t get your hands on that sales data until the 15th of the month when the BCREA releases its 3-page stats package. Yep, three pages and the first page is a cover letter; so, you’re safe to surmise the BCREA isn't busting its chops on this endeavour. You find that package by going to the BCREA website > News & Publications > News Room > News Releases.

The major drawback to this BCREA data is that it pools all residential sales (detached and attached) and the info is presented in table format only - not a chart in sight (charts are on the website only; by quarterly results; and, in outdated form). Thus, the BCREA is not only egregiously stingy to a fault; it adds insult to injury by being both boring and lazy. 

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