Tuesday 20 September 2016

1st Post - Welcome!

Here we go...we’re now live. For those familiar with my efforts at VancouverPeak.com, it’s great to see you again. For those new to my attempts to understand the “whys” in real estate, I hope you’ll find the posts here interesting and informative.
Now, the big news is that another coaster is joining me here on the blog. Welcome aboard, Bolshewik Artizan! ‘Bolshie’ is obviously another “pinko” like me. He’ll be popping in whenever the mood strikes him to inform, enlighten or instigate – he’s welcome to cover it all as long as it dazzles...and doesn’t shut us down. And, if you post intelligent, enlightening comments, I just might invite you on board as well.

Comments...right. They are welcomed even by “anonymous”, but heads up...I’m reviewing them before they get posted. As I said above, I am looking for intelligence and enlightenment – if a comment fails to do one or the other it’s deleted unless, of course, you’re praising me or BA

Do you have something to share but don’t want to go public? No problem. You can contact us at:

screstats2015 at gmail.com

Blogger definitely has its posting drawbacks compared to the VanPeak forum. The major issue is not being able to group posts by a “thread” topic. The only way to give some semblance of this at Blogger is to give each post a tag so it gets grouped in the “Labels” column to the left. There will be some trial and error with those Label tags so bear with us. I hope the “Search” widget will help when you can’t find a previous post using Labels or Blog Archive. Let us know if you have any problems as time goes on.  Suggestions will always be welcomed.

Posting images are a bit of an issue with me here at Blogger. I tested the lightbox feature and it reduced image size because it also adds a row of thumbnails below the image if the post has two or more pics; so I’ve disabled that feature. I'm going to try displaying images in their original file size whenever possible; however, there may be occasions when I have to post the image smaller and I recommend then that you right click on the image and choose "open in a new tab" so that you can move back and forth between text and image.

I think that's about it, so I guess all that's left to do is begin posting some stats...stay tuned...any day now!

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