Saturday 1 July 2017

Happy Canada Day!

Property: 678 Fairmont Road, Gibsons BC. R2177765
Listed: Jun 15, 2017
Listing Price: $825,000
Price Drop: $807,000 (June 30)
Days on Market: 17 (July 1)


Say What?!!!

A price drop to $807,000 ($18,000) on day 16, you say?


I said to myself:

1st drop: “Weird”
2nd drop: “HAM pricing?”
3rd drop: “Another one? You’re joking”
4th drop: “WTF?”
5th drop: “Say What?!!!”

These price drops aren’t directed at buyers.  “Seriously,” you ask? Seriously, because buyers wouldn’t know unless they were checking this specific property’s listing on a daily basis.

However, Realtors® would know. Every day, they log-in into their MLSLink account to find out new sales, listings and price changes and this property is showing up every day screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!"

That’s the listing agent’s goal - she’s saying: “Forget those other properties. I’ve got a great one and the seller is serious. Call me, let’s make a deal.”

Of course, if the other agents are as perverse in their thinking as I am, they’ll be kicking off their shoes, putting their feet up on their desk, leaning back in their chairs and thinking, “Okay, you’ve got my attention. Now, let’s see how far you’ll sink this baby before you choke.” There’s a good reason why I’m not a Realtor® (well, actually there’s many...LOL).

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